Apps for all

OTAMate has worked on many mobile apps, some of which we're able to talk about, and some which we sadly can't share here due to client confidentiality. 

Photography for Industry

Based in Cheshire in the UK, Photography for Industry specialize in showing their industrial clients in the best possible light. Clients range from multi-billion dollar oil corporations right through to commercial laboratories and workshops. With an impressive web based portfolio, the importance of mobile in using such promotional quality was clear. Photography for Industry turned to OTAMate to commission their Android app, which went live in the Play Store on time and within budget.

Approval Tracker

Actually, OTAMate doesn't always write apps for others. As well as the dozens written for the training programmes such as CoolNote, Approval Tracker was developed in response to a growing problem most Android users face at some point - permission creep over time. Many users recognise the scenario - when they first got their handset, they installed a bunch of interesting looking apps and as time went by, well, kind of "forgot" about them. After even more time has passed, they began to suspect they have granted too many permissions to too many apps which just were not needed. Finding those was pretty cumbersome, so Approval Tracker offered a fresh and easy way to quickly identify exactly which had been granted potentially inappropriate permissions, and so inform the user of any needing further scrutiny. Vodafone

Back in the early days of cloud based file sharing apps, Vodafone Hutchison Australia worked with OTAMate to create the Android client for This was delivered on time and well-received by them, which was no mean feat when you consider they were in Sydney, were in Chicago and OTAMate was in the UK. In the end, was bought out by Facebook which is why it has no online presence today, but for a while it was up there with Dropbox, SugarSync etc.

Rentokil Initial Directory

OTAMate helped Rentokil Initial with their Android internal corporate directory app. Tightly integrating with Google Apps, the project was to create the first working prototype ready for further development once proven. Working to tight deadlines and and ever tighter budget, the proof-of-concept app was well received when handed over and its design expanded on with great success.