Mobile is in our DNA

Techies will recognize the "OTA" part of our name as the acronym for "Over-The-Air", which reflects how deep the mobile industry roots are in our culture. This goes right back to the work done on the worlds first smartphone, the Ericcson R380. Don't take our word for it - see the Wikipedia entry.

With mobile devices literally in everyone's hands now, the strategic business advantage of a meaningful presence in this space cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, it is no longer the case where merely having an app will suffice. Users are very sophisticated now, and know your competition is just a swipe away. Creating a compelling reason to value your app is essential to its survival on their device - in other words, quality is paramount.

OTAMate has a track record of helping organisations achieve this goal. We do this by working closely, efficiently and effectively with you in order to ensure the end product is something we're both proud of.